LYNXX A.K.A. “Spittin Like A Semi-Automatic” was born on December 19th.

Growing up in Trenton, Lynxx had to overcome more in his adolescent formative years than most people endure in their entire lives. He felt the allure of drug dealing, car stealing ,robbing, and gangs, but in due course it was his true love for music that would triumph. 
Lynxx has been rapping and singing since the age of 8. 
With musical inspirations like The Isley Brothers, R.Kelly, Snoop Dogg, Twista, and Bone Thugs N harmony he created his own sound and began doing shows. After performing in talent shows at schools and local block parties, Lynxx knew he had a gift and a dedicated passion for music and decided to take it to the next level. 
Lynxx gained respect in the streets and established a fan following by crafting a unique sound and style that no one has been able to define or successfully copy. 
With a mixture of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B all in one, and the ability to spit 250 words in under 50 seconds, slow it down, and sing catchy melodies; Lynxx is an artist who has creativity and originality of his own that will give him a name and a place in the music industry. 
His unique talent will take you on a lyrical journey and leave you wanting more.



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  • They Know 3:13
  • In The Mood 4:02
  • I Wont Cry3:30

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